01 July 2011

Seven Quick Takes --Catch Up Edition

Hello, July!  Where did my friend June go?  He must have been swept away in the rains.  We have had a busy, busy month.  Remember those long, lazy summer days of childhood?  I was expecting those in adulthood, too.  Ha!  I sure was wrong!  Here is our lightening speed June in Quick Takes

Christopher's scout den had a camp out at my parents cottage over Pentecost.  The wonderful Fr. Jeff came up and celebrated Mass for the boys.  What a special experience for those boys (and the families who tagged along!).

We've been eating lots of summer foods and soaking up the sun when it decides to shine.  Andrew has poured countless hours into our back yard this summer and it has been SO very worth it!

We have had insane amounts of rain this summer, so the river has been really high and fast.  Andrew and the kids finally had a chance to get in a couple of weeks ago.  

What is a summer without firearms?
Nothing like walking out of the house to find your girly-girl shooting a gun!

And Christopher, too.  But that is nothing new :)

This is a fuzzy stolen-from-Facebook picture, but Corpus Christi was beautiful as always!  Christopher served, along with about 35 other boys!
FIDDLER'S!!!  A summer highlight for us and this year's event did NOT disappoint!  Best. Fiddler's. Ever.

Fun skirts required
Napping in the hot sun.  Shortly after this picture, Andrew used is Filipino innovativeness to build Avi a sun shade out of a pizza box.  He is turning into his dad!

Henna happiness!  If I weren't such a wimp, I would make this permanent.  I wuv it.

We ran into a bunch of friends at Fiddler's and that made the day all the better!

Andrew decided it was now or never for our dining room flooring, so the other day he ripped it all up AND tore down a fake wall that was closing off the French Doors.  Now we are knee deep in dust, mess, and the potential of fabulous flooring.  It's the fun kind of messy, right?


Jill said...

Is your house still on the market? A couple months ago Patrick was looking around online at houses for sale in Lafayette and he called me to the computer and said, "hey here's a really beautiful house for sale and I think they're Catholic because they have a crucifix on the wall!" and I said, "that's Sarah and Andrew's house!"

Sarah said...

Jill- That's a riot!! Extra funny since one of the negative feedbacks we got (we got a lot!) was "too much religious art". Glad you didn't think so! We took it off the market in May, after 14 months with little to no interest. It must not be what God wanted! But if you want to move back here, I am sure we could strike a deal :)