15 July 2011

The Humor Of Bodily Functions

Grace is reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and commented that the repeated use of the word "poop" was hilarious.  Which led to the discussion of why on earth is it called a "poop deck" (because heaven knows Lucy wasn't refering to her bodily functions!).

And don't you wonder, too?

So we looked it up (who doesn't love Wikipedia??)


And I thought this was particularly interesting, considering it is one of Christopher's favorite expressions!

In nautical parlance, "to be pooped" means to have a wave come over the stern from abaft.


Anonymous said...

And just yesterday your (younger) son told us, in an absolute state of fascination, "Hey, know what? I just tooted and it sounded just like a gun going off."


Sarah said...

Haha!! That is hilarious! And doesn't surprise me at all. He is definitely a boys boy.

Elizabeth said...

Funny, we were reading Prince Caspian last night, and I deliberately read it wrong when Lucy and Susan were reminiscing about their ship, and Lucy said something about "the poop." I said "poop deck", and Brynning still laughed hysterically. I'll have to show him that wikipedia page. You saved me a google search!