21 July 2011

I'm Melting.

I think I know what the Wicked Witch felt like.  Man.  It's hot.

 Today, we decided to spend the day inside, hiding from the heat.  Yesterday, Christopher spend the day at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs get creamed by the Phillies.  I think the temperature was hovering around 100.  I guess little boys can withstand more heat that Mama's!

The rest of us hit the fair yesterday, but didn't last very long.  Blistering heat and whining children isn't a very good combo!  We thought maybe we could cool off if we went to the pool.  I am pretty sure we didn't "cool off" but the water sort of, kind of, maybe just a little, took the edge off.

(Pictures are from the Fourth and Riverfest -- days we thought were hot, but upon which we now just look longingly and laugh at our foolish ignorance!)

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