13 July 2011

What To Do When It's Too Dern Hot Out

The kids and I had a ball making fabric flowers this afternoon.  It was way to hot / humid to be out, so we set to work creating!

We loved these little rosettes from V and Co.  So sweet and so simple!  But watch out for that hot glue!

These super easy "scrunch flowers" from Little Miss Mama were fun to make as well.  Talk about instant gratification!
Bella trotted around with them on her shirt, but Grace preferred them in her hair.  

It would be fun to cluster a bunch on a shirt, too!  (That may be next -- these are addicting!)

We wrapped a bit of brown fabric around a dollar store headband, affix the flower with a dab of hot glue and, viola!  Cuteness!

These quick and easy flowers were a great boredom buster AND a great way to use up a bunch of scrap pieces of fabric!

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