10 June 2011

Seven Quick Takes -- Avi Edition

 I am in complete shock that an ENTIRE YEAR has passed since Avila was born.  Look at that sweet smooshy face!  Where did it go??
 She is growing and changing at lightening speed, but she is still one of her daddy's favorite nap partners!

 And is there anything better that sisters??  Grace was so excited to celebrate Avila's big day.  She baked and decorated a beautiful cake for her.  And she made her a sweet little clothespin doll and wrapped it up for her.  Big sisters caring for little sisters make this mama happy!



It wouldn't be a first birthday without a naked baby eating chocolate cake!  She loved it!


 Presents from her ever crafty and thoughtful Nana!!  (Can you see the card in that second picture? Anja is a genius!)  There were other gifts, too, but these are the only ones that jumped in front of the camera!


It was great to celebrate our Avi!  As the fifth child, she probably doesn't get the undivided attention that the others get -- at least not of the gentle variety.  Does getting knocked down by a reckless older brother count?  I don't really think so!  Also, as the fifth child, she is the literal embodiment of why it is so great to be Catholic, so great to go against the secular grain, and so great to allow God to control our lives.  So, hooray for Avila!  We are so glad she is here!


Seven is starting to feel like a really ginormous number!  Sheesh.


Happy Birthday to our sweet, messy, curious, ornery little monkey!  (Did I mention she can climb anything??  Like the backs of chairs.  Yikes.  I am to terrified in the moment to take pictures, so you'll just have to use your imagination!)


Ben Hatke said...

Hooray for AVI!!!

Katie said...

Aww! I can't believe she's 1 already! Happy Birthday!