29 March 2009


Oh Happy Day! Andrew had a gift card to Best Buy that he has been saving to use on some fancy DVD thing-y. He was pretty excited about it. Our DVD player kicked the bucket and he was using that as an excuse to get this fancy-dancy item.

But tonight, he said he was taking me to Best Buy to get a new camera!! And it's pink!! Isn't he SWEET!?! I am SO EXCITED to have a new camera!! And I totally don't deserve it since I LOST the old one. But this one is so cute and wonderful. And he got me this new kind of SD card that gets rid of that annoy "delay" between pictures.

So long boring old picture-less blog. Now you all have to suffer through pictures of all my little sweeties!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Pictures!

Anne said...

Good! I love pictures of your cutie pies!!!

Annie said...

Yay for pink cameras! How stylish! Also yay for spring babies and a collection of the cutest dresses IN THE WORLD. Thanks a latte!

Anonymous said...

So you have a camera. Where are the pics?