01 April 2009

Corn for Dessert

Since it is April Fool's Day, we had corn on the cob for dessert! Annie generously lent me her "Hello Cupcake!" book, so I made these cute corn cupcakes. I am still trying to decide what to make Isabella's birthday cupcakes . . . so many choices! But no koala's, which is what I was hoping for, since Bella is our little koala. But there are monkeys!! Or really cute sunflowers . . .I just can't decide!
And here are my adorable girlys, enjoying a nice spring day!


Anonymous said...

Sarah!!! I can't believe those cupcakes!!!I am so impressed.
Your Talentless Mama

Joannie said...

Those are cute! What is the butter??

Sarah said...

Thanks, Joannie! The butter is yellow starburst, warmed for about 7 seconds in the microwave and the smooshed a little to look "melty"

Angie said...

Wow! Those look fabulous! This is just the kind of thing that I always think I want to find time to do, but then I never do it. I'm impressed! :)