28 April 2009

My life is a grocery list

I sat down at the kitchen table this afternoon to write my grocery list, surrounded by the normal chaos of our days. The kids were listening to music and dancing around the room, while Bella jumping back and forth between my lap and the floor. I pulled out my cute grocery list paper and started writing the items in neat handwriting. About to words in, Bella grabbed my pen and scribbled on the sheet of paper. So I set her down and grabbed a new pen, in a different color. Then Christopher wanted to help by writing a few items himself, so I let him write "Maple Seerp" in his finest six year old letters. After he got bored, I began again, only to have Isabella spill coffee all over the (cute) paper.

I finally finished my list, but on further reflection, I could see how this mundane item actually did a fantastic job of summing up my life. I try to be cute. I try to be neat and tidy. I try to match and have all things in their proper place and order. But my days get taken over by little hands. Small people want to "help" get the job finished. And more often than not, I am covered in something sticky and gross.

But in the end, everything gets accomplished and it was all the more exciting since we did it together. I have a feeling that when my kids grow up they will sum up their childhood by saying "It was messy, but we sure had fun!"

(I took a picture of said grocery list, but then I discovered that the SD card wasn't in my camera when I shot the picture . . . )


Anonymous said...

Sarah: Someday you will write a book about these adventures and make a million bucks! You have a knack for writing, and your children most certainly provide plenty of material!!
Love, Mama
PS Did you know the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle stories (about all those naughty children) came straight out of Betty MacDonald's real life? She didn't even change the names to protect the innocent. Her daughters were Joan and Anne and the others were all their friends!

Maryanne said...

I LOVED Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! Wow, I forgot about those books...

Anonymous said...

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