15 March 2009

Another Busy One

We survived another crazy week and weekend. What happened to relaxing on the weekend?? Sometimes I feel like all we ever do is run, run, run. But it was fun-filled, so I can't complain. Yesterday, we spent nine hours helping friends fix up and pack up their home in order to sell it. We actually had a super fun time. The kids all played, the moms chatted, worked, and chased kids and the men all acted manly -- grunting, wielding screwdrivers, and grilling burgers. The even made a trip to every mans favorite store. One dad returned with a big grim "Sigh. I love Menards!"

And today we went to the free matinee, Mass, the park, and my mom's house. Andrew added to our family the other day by getting the kids each a dwarf hamster. We are now the proud owners of "Wicket" "Rosie Serene" and "Super Jar-Jar Binx" I am sure you can guess who belongs to whom. My mom decided they needed to live in a hamster paradise, so today we took our little friends to meet their benefactor and picked up their penthouse apartment. Unfortunately, by the time we got their the little hamster owners were seriously crabby, so we didn't stick around to long. But our little friends are enjoying their new home immensely. And Grace is enjoying rearranging it. If I ever find my camera, I'll post pictures. Even this self-proclaimed pet hater can admit that these guys are pretty cute!

My father in law stopped by this evening and when he saw them, he said "OH! You got rats!"


Annie said...

Hahahahahah!! I love Mr. Antonio!!!!!

Wait, Serene's first name is Rosie? Isn't that the name of every one of Gracie's baby dolls too? If Grace ever learns to read, I think I'll get her a book of baby names. Don't worry--it'll be a very modern edition.

Stephanie said...

I don't know how Grace pronounces Serene, but Joy names all of her baby dolls Serena. That is all of them that aren't named Sarah. Sarah and Serena, Sarah and Serena, I hear that a lot. I saw your blog link on Facebook. Don't hold back just because I'm here. Thanks for sharing! I love reading!

Sarah said...

AAHHH!! You found me!!!