05 March 2009

Antics of a Teriffic Two Year Old

I know so many people refer to the "terrible twos", but I for one think two year olds are magnificent. They are in such a special time of their lives when they are learning so much and at such a rapid pace. Their little sponge-like brains are soaking up anything and everything. And they are just so darn cute! One of my favorite thing about terrific two year olds is their oh-so-adorable speaking ability.

Along these lines, I LOVE to here PeterXavier say his own name. "Pete-ya-yer Ben-e-nic Tonio" In fact, I laugh so much at this cuteness that I often pretend to have forgotten his name, just to get his ire up and make him yell it at me. (It's even cuter when shouted!) So today, I said to him: "What is your name? Is it George? John? Is it Sam?"

"No, Mama, Tar-Sam in the JUNGLE!!"


Anonymous said...

I HATE to hear people talk about the terrible two's. It is one of my pet peeves. These are usually the same people who will complain when their children are teenagers. Pooh on them....they have no concept of fun. And they will have missed two of the most fun times of raising children! Of course, I thought all of the times were fun! Still do!
Love, Mama

Annie said...

Bella looks like such a little eskimo on your header! I kind of want to cuddle her as if she is a baby seal.

Clare said...

Yeah I had no idea 2 year olds could be so much fun! I love the way they say things, and I get sad when Anastasia starts pronouncing things correctly after the cute 2-yo pronunciation!