25 March 2009

Stolen Pictures!

Annie posted a bunch of pictures on Miss Greta on Facebook, so I stole a few (the ones with my adorable offspring!) to post here.
I think Isabella was trying to nose dive off of the chair in the first picture!

I love this one of Anja and Greta.

Christopher and Grace loved holding Greta. They were fighting over whose turn it was to snuggle with her. They were such baby-hogs that I hardly got a turn myself!


Anonymous said...

Great post! Props to your hubby!

andrew said...

I am glad to see that Annie was able to use the laptop. The pictures are great. Christopher and Grace will love watching her grow up!

Martin Schap said...

Those two look like twins!!!!!! They have the same funny little smile and everything. I bet Greta will be even tougher than Anja, and enjoy playing with her crazy cousins EVEN MORE.

Martin Schap said...

Oops, this is Annie, not Martin!

Ben Hatke said...

Lookin' good Christopher! Zita has bangs again and she calls it "Christopher hair."