29 December 2008

Wii . . . It's What's for Dinner.

Cause, I haven't gotten much else done. The little Wii aliens have decsended and taken over our lives. Actually, I have been thrilled with the kids ability to play for a while and then move on to something else. In fact, they are far better at it than I. Or Martin. Here's what we did Christmas Day.

Santa knew what he was doing when he dropped this gift into the home of such a competitive family!! Wow. I am not sure my poor arms will ever recover from boxing with Annie. The other night, my parents came over to play. There is no better way to get rid of latent teenage angst than to beat up you dad!! (I'm totally kidding. I never had teen angst. And my dad is awesome!)Sweet little cousins playing with the new doll house!Anja Pie got a lot of new books. I thought she and her mama looked so cute reading together!And another favorite Christmas Day activity . . . . lifting Uncle Mortin with the new block and tackle! My parents got this for the kids and they were so excited that they insisted on setting it up right away. And Uncle Mortin was a good sport in allowing them to lift him up off the ground.

And now we are relishing our Christmas season with a week Daddy being home!


Anonymous said...

Who is Uncle Mortin???
Fun, fun, fun last night. That tennis is something else!

Sarah said...

Hven't you heard my kids?? They say "Mortin" instead of Martin. I think it's funny=)

Annie said...

The other day we tried calling each other Fanny and Mortin just for fun to see if anyone noticed. It didn't work well because I can't keep a straight face.

Anja's dress was a little bit ugly, wasn't it? Hm. It didn't look that ugly in person, I didn't think. But in the pictures... I kind of can't believe I put her in it for Christmas. She looks like a fairy... except without the wispy build and flowing hair. How sad.

Jessica said...

Oh! It was great to see Jeremy! I MISS him!! He is part of so many of my great memories as a child!

I also love that dollhouse! I've been eying it for my daughters birthday and thought it would be fun to paint (perhaps like a convent) to go along with our little wooden Saint dolls.

Merry Christmas to you all!