02 December 2008

After a fanastic Thanksgiving with our families and a wonderful long vacation from work, we all collapsed in a sick heap of exhaustion. Blech. I think we wore ourselves out so much that we couldn't even stay healthy any longer. I think we are all better now. Thankfully.

We had a two day Thanksgiving feast filled with family, yummy food, and rousing games of Boggle. Super fun. And now we are all totally addicted to the online version "Scramble" I don't get many chances to play, with children for whom to care. But my mom apperantly has tons of time, because she calls to tell me that Andrew is "ruining" her life by having a higher score than she. Ha! She's not dramatic or anything.

Now it is almost Wednesday and I think we are getting back on track. I had a zillion Advent ideas swimming in my head and haven't started anything! Tomorrow we are (hopefully) going caroling at a nursing home with some friends. I think that will be a nice (re)kickoff of Advent for us. We can start from there!


Joannie said...

That's funny-- Jill talked about playing Scrabble this weekend and I said I was horrible, and she said, "I am too! I think it'll be fun that way!" or something like that. But we never played.

I'm the worst Scrabble player ever. And Boggle too. Maybe I should go play with Annie.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how addicted I am to Boggle. Only Andrew is more addicted than I. This is becoming a sickness.

JamieS said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for coming to our site! It is so funny that you commented on my site because I actually tracked down YOUR site, again, for the first time in months, this morning--it was open on my computer when you left your comment. You beat me to the punch! :) Your children are all BEAUTIFUL! I cannot believe how big they all are. I wish we were going to be in Indiana sometime in the near future so we could see you all in person (meet Isabella!) but we are are hunkered down here for the holidays. I can't wait to see all your Advent ideas. Thanks for finding us! We'll be in touch!