20 December 2008

Giant Gingerbread and a Living Nativity

We spent the day taking advantage of the many wonderful holiday offerings in our town. I am not one to jump the gun on Christmas -- I like to enjoy Advent to its fullest, but often times the rest of the world doesn't agree. So, compromise is a must!
Purdue always has a fantastically enormous Christmas tree in their Union Building, as well as a life-sized gingerbread house. We went over this afternoon to see the splendor. The kids were sufficiently impressed. As was I. That gingerbread house must have been a ton of work. There was even a dog house!

This evening, along with my parents, we took the kids to see the "Living Nativity" at a local church. It was truly amazing. Elaborate scenes, live animals, and actors marked all of the major biblical events starting from Adam and Eve all the way through to the Resurrection. We walked through and listened to narration. At some points, the actors even spoke and interacted with us. Walking through Bethlehem was particularly amazing. The children got a real hands on sense and feel of the Nativity story in a way they could not have attained otherwise. It was definetly worth the very cold walk!
And here is a rare thing: A family picture! I was so excited by this picture, as we never have pictures of all of us together.


Maryanne said...

Sounds like fun! We were supposed to have a field trip to see the Christmas tree at the Union yesterday with Chiara's preschool class, but it got cancelled! I was so sad! (As were the kids).

A lady that I work with was just telling me this afternoon about the Living Nativity. Her daughter is actually an actor in it, which I thought was pretty cool.

Love the pictures!

Anna May said...

That family picture is the neatest. Couldn't Christopher smile, even a little?

Lisa said...

Sarah, that tree looks awfully similar in size to those CWOD Christmas trees!!

Jessica said...

What a darling family picture!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!!