14 December 2008

Gaudete! Rejoice!

I love Advent. I think it is my favorite liturgical time of the year. But my favorite is the little respite we get toward the end -- Gaudete Sunday. A few years ago Andrew and I established this day as the day for our annual party. It seemed fitting to throw a party of Rejoicing as we make our way towards Christmas. This year was no exception to the rule of Gaudete Sunday being a great day of Rejoicing!

The grown ups wined and dined while all of our many munchkins played games, made crafts, and forgot to eat. I had set up a number of crafts in our "craft room", but only the one involving candy gathered much interest! None the less, the kiddos must have been having fun, because I hardly saw them all night!
Here is a picture of our mantle and our new stockings! I have been meaning for three years to make new stockings and PeterXavier only had a makeshift one anyway. Since I needed to make Isabella one as well, I just made everyone new ones. I am quite pleased with the results!


LauraSuz said...

Holy cow, Mrs. X! You got six done and I barely finished the one I set out to make! Good job! They look great!

Sarah said...

Haha! Thanks Laura. I was afraid someone would say that=) Did you read the part where I said it has taken me THREE YEARS to make these stockings?!?! I am not exactly "efficient"=)

Anonymous said...

Great Party, Sarah!

Ben Hatke said...

i would totally wear a pair of those.