20 September 2008


It is unusually quiet right now and I am loving it! Andrew took Christopher, Grace, and PeterXavier to the park and Isabella is just stirring from her nap. She still isn't feeling 100%, so she has kind of been snoozing all day. I just puttered around getting this and that acomplished. It's great to be able to pick something up, put it away, and know it will stay put for more than thirty seconds!

Tomorrow is Indy Irish Fest! Hurray! I think Christopher may be looking forward to it even more than I am. He claims that Irish is his favortie kind of music. What a smart boy.

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Annie said...

Um, and your BIRTHDAY, nerd!! You should try to remember to listen to Thistle and Shamrock on WBAA on Saturdays. It's at 11:00, a tricky time, but it's totally worth it even if you catch a few minutes of it. They sometimes play Kate Rusby! It's on the FM station.