15 September 2008

Great Big Weekend of Exhaustion

Well. We survived the weekend, but just barely. Saturday was a beautiful day -- the Country Fair was great. I totally lost the pie baking contest, to my mother no less. Not that her sugar cream pie isn't great, it is, but seriously!

German Fest was . . . enormous. I basically corralled tired children while my husband worked some insane shift in the food tent. Everyone, including me, melted at one point. And I had a beer for dinner. The kids got third place in the Lip Sync contest. I think there were only three entries, but we wont tell them that. They were darn cute.

Can you tell who they are? Grace was supposed to be there (with a red shirt!), but she wasn't feeling well. And PX was in costume, but opted to hang out with Daddy instead.

The highlights of my evening were finding the long lost Liederhossen and seeing my son look like this. He was great!

On Sunday, through torrential downpours from our pal Ike, we attended the Ivy Tech Homecoming, organized by their totally awesome director of alumni affairs! The noon music was fantabulous, plus allowed us to visit with Nana, Martin, and Anja!

Can you see Belle's hat in this picture? She's her Daddy's Ivy Tech "homey".

Unfortunately, due to rain, the Elephant Rides at Prophetstown were canceled, and I lost all gumption to drive all the way out to Jonah's birthday, so the only big event of the day was Homecoming. But by the end of it all, I was completely exhausted, so my wonderful hubby took us out for dinner. It was totally relaxing and gave everyone a decent meal. It was much needed after surviving on pizza and hot dogs all weekend!


Annie said...

Bellie looks so big in that picture!!

Anonymous said...

Andrew totally rocked that hot dog booth!! You were very generous to watch the kids and let him work FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! Seriously, I didn't think it would be that mad- and it was- perfectly mad! But, a fun sort of mad, don't you think? My kidders had fun running around with yours- didn't they all look great in their dirndls and lederhosen? Aaaah, good times, good times!! Hey, and I only had beer for dinner too- although, I had about three.... like I said, good times!