09 September 2008

Our Babies Got Bling!

I tried to blog this about ten times yesterday ,but my computer was seriously mad at me. I think we are friends again today, though.

Annie and I took our girlie-girls out Monday night and got their ears pierced!! It was super cute. The girls didn't exactly have a great time . . . but they sure look CUTE now!! And, if they could talk, I am sure they would agree that it was worth it.

I think this picture of Annie is SO PRETTY!

Poor little Anja-Pie was a little upset. When we took Grace to get her ears pierced as a baby, it was so much less traumatic. She hardly even whimpered! We got Anja a cookie and she cheered right up. We have yet to get a picture of both girls together, but I am sure you'll see it when we do!


Annie said...

Okay, now I totally understand why Andrew made you ask me for permission. It would be a "so pretty" picture if I'd just given birth to her, which is what it looks like judging by how enormously fat my face is. And the really depressing thing is that I looked at that picture and then I looked down at the paper towel in my lap which is full of M&Ms....


Anna May said...

Oh, Annie, would you quit fussing about being fat!! You aren't near being fat. Just look around, fat is everywhere. It's just your imagination.