04 September 2008

Republican National Convention

Did you watch it?? Did you LOVE it?? Do you wish you could have coffee with Sarah Pailn, in hopes that some of her energy and conviction will rub off on you?

Despite the fact that my husband has a degree in Political Science, I have never had one iota of an interest in politics. Until now. Until Sarah Palin. Until someone I could really relate to started fighting for the issues that are really important.

Last night we watched the RNC through our Internet connection, for lack of cable. Last night, for the first time, our nation saw a woman contending for a place in the White House. Sarah Palin is a woman in the truest sense of the word. She is not a woman trying to be a man. She is a woman, embracing her femininity and womanhood as a tool with which to better our society and our nation. That is true Feminism. It is not some pseudo-machismo that unhappy and insecure woman are trying to achieve through "choice" and "empowerment".

Despite all of the truly fabulous things she said in her speech, perhaps her actions and those of her family as they received the applause of the masses told even more of the convictions of Sarah Palin than any words ever could. Her embrace of baby Trig and the presence of Bristol's boyfriend as a member of the family spoke volumes on her incredible pro life stance. She leaned down and listened intently as her young daughter (who has perfected her princess wave!) had something "important"to say. This is not a woman who pawns off her family to daycare and babysitters in pursuit of her own self-gratifying career. She is woman who can be a Mama and a powerful national leader all at the same time!


Anna May said...

Did you catch the remark by former New York mayor Giruliani? He asked why she is asked about being a mom and a Vice President. That no one ever asked the men running for office about being a father and being V.P. If they could handle both jobs. How dare they!!!

Anna May said...

Sorry, I misspelled Giuliani.

Elisabeth said...

I saw it too and I loved it too!!! I thought it was fabulous! I just hate the buttons for her that talk about her being hot.... I think it's degrading for the kind of woman she is. Hooray for the VP pick!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Sarah. I agree with everything you said so eloquently.Have you ever thought of running for office? .....and I'm not kidding.

Jill said...

I loved her speech too! I think my favorite part might have been when she said she didn't need the luxury private the govenor uses and so she put it on ebay. hahaha!!

SamG said...

I am only political every few years. I didn't watch the democratic one (though I did have a student that had attended and he was very hyped). I did hear 2 days of the republican one (I had company and they were interested).

I am not conservative at all. I didn't like her speech. I didn't really mind her personality. But, her stances scare the bejeebies out of me. I would not vote for anyone with her stances (even as a 2nd banana).

McCain's speech was better in my mind. He also has some stances that bug me, but seems more middle of the road. He may bend, I don't think she would.

One thing is for sure. If he wins he has my respect. He's been through more that I could handle. And he is 100% more respectable that the twit that's in now.

Of course, I don't plan on voting for Obama unless the race is very, very close. I'm going Libertarian, Peace and Freedom, Green, Reform or Independent...haven't decided.