27 September 2008


Wow. I love the Feast. Yesterday we went out for the "School Fun Day" and it was SO fantastic. I couldn't believe how much we all learned and how nice and informative all of the people were. It was like going to a living history museum. The kids all had such a wonderful time.

Then we went out today for the real event. We wandered around, ate yummy food, and had our picture taken by crazy stalking photographers. Seriously. My mom made Andrew and the kids fabulous indian costumes, so people kept taking their pictures. One girl even had her boyfriend take a picture of her and Andrew together -- weird!! And a little creepy.

Anyway . . . we we nt to the trading post and the kids really liked that. Which surprised me because I always HATED the trading post when I was a kid. Making up stories about why my acorn is better than your acorn was never really my thing. Even now, as an adult, I still can't come up with a good story! And now for your viewing pleasure . . .


Anonymous said...

WOW! That is the only word for it. This week-end was GREAT!!!
I am so proud of those costumes!

Elisabeth said...

cute cute cute...love the pictures!

Annie said...

Haha, funny that you never liked the Trading Post. It was always my favorite thing!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Annie. Trading Post was your favorite thing because you were so sneaky and liked to lie about things. Remember playing "I doubt it"? You were great at that and, for the same reason, you were good at the trading post.