01 May 2012


It seems that, at the ripe old age of 22 months, Avila is potty trained.  My kids have been all over the board with potty training, but she is definitely the youngest.  I credit this to cloth diapers, cheering older siblings, and ample doses of naked time.

With the youngest two kids, we have approached this different.y  Not that we ever went about potty training with rewards and punishment or any other crazy games.  We've always been really lax, but with these two girls, (the two earliest to ditch the dipes) we have been even more lax.  How can you get upset when a 22 month old has an accident??  So basically, she ran around in the buff, we praised her when she went, said "oops" when she didn't, and in no time, she pretty much got it.  Easy peasy!

For the first time, I think ever, we have no one in diapers!  Crazy!  Avi can hand down her basket of diapers to her new little to-be-born cousin!

This evening, I ran out and bought her some new tiny undies (size 2T - so cute!!).  She was so proud of them that she insisted on wearing every single pair at the same time!

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