30 April 2012

A Beautiful First Holy Communion

Is there anything sweeter than a First Holy Communion?  Grace celebrated hers this weekend and it was wonderful!

Grace at the grotto before Mass.

Grace with Father after Mass

This family picture was the best we could do . . . not great!  Bella was mad and PX had so much energy, he was threatening to explode.

I loved that all of the severs were the big brothers of the First Communicants.  It was so sweet to see!


Maryanne said...

haha, I like the family pic. It's more true-to-life anyway. P.S. My kids love your kids. On the way home from twirling tonight, Zeke was whining about not being able to play with the boys longer, Chiara was whining about not being able to talk longer with Grace, and Isabel claimed to have not been able to play with Bella at all....even though I know she did.

Sarah said...

Yes, definitely true to life! Everyone's a little nutty and no one's paying attention :)

My kids love hanging out with you guys! We'll have to get together soon! Last night, Grace was planning some crazy elaborate sleep over for the summer :)

Maryanne said...

haha! yeah, Chiara says she is staying with you guys for an entire WEEK! Have fun with that! hehe ;)