18 May 2012

Seven Quick Takes - Random and Unconnected

I know school isn't out yet, but it sure feels like it should be!  I am having a tough time trudging through these last few weeks with Grace and finishing up projects with Christopher.  Only about two more weeks!  We have a lot of summer fun looming on the horizon, so I am really excited.

Earlier this week, we went strawberry picking with Annie and her girls.  It was the perfect day - warm and sunny, with a cool breeze.  Much better than the sweltering conditions of years past.  We have been feasting on strawberries and I really need to freeze the rest.  

May Crowning was a couple weeks ago.  Really, it's one of my favorites.  It is so beautiful!  And look at that handsome server!

Christopher's school had their "Fine Arts Festival" the other night.  It pleases me greatly that they put such an emphasis on the fine arts, as they seem to be cut from the systems so frequently these days.   The school also has an amazing religious art study, but this was more music and your typical art class.  This mama was proud, though, when her son created a "Purple People Eater" sculpture.  It was amazingly awesome.  One eyed, one horned, and flying (ok, not really, but it had wings!), it was!

Mother's Day made me the proud owner of this beauty:

True love.  I'm not sure how I live so long without a Big Shot!


 PeterXavier turned SIX this week!  He is so proud to be such a big boy.  Life was crazy on his actual birthday, so we'll be officially celebrating on Sunday.  Andrew got a great deal on a really nice bike for him. It is the size up from his current bike, which was definitely too small.  He loves to ride with his daddy, so this is the perfect gift.  And now that he's learned to stop before flying into streets, I won't worry too much.

I got Christopher a passport the other week.  To save money, I thought I'd just snap the photo myself (find a great editing tool here, and save $15 at the post office!  For some reason, my dad HATED my first shot and made me retake it!  But I admit, the second one is a little better - less like a mug shot!


Mrs. H. said...

oh, yeah.....for SOME reason!

Jantonio said...

Maybe its just because I live my whole day with the early morning look, but I love the first photo.

Sarah said...

Like Uncle like nephew, I guess . . . the picture was taken at 3PM!

Joseph said...

Perfect! thats right when I wake up from siesta!