22 May 2012

Urban Farming - Looking UP

In our urban garden, we are definitely lacking space.  We have taken out all of our grass to make room for productive plants, but we still need to utilize whatever we can.  Growing UP can be a huge benefit for the urban farmer who is short on space, but long on ambition.

Posts have been dropped into some of the cinder blocks which are not home to strawberries.  There are four posts, standing about seven feet high.  I will criss-cross wire between the posts to make a screen on which various plants can grow.

The plan is to trellis the grapes, blackberries, and raspberries across the post and wires.  I love this concept and that will certainly be the plan for the long run.  But berries and grapes will take their time growing across that ten foot expanse.

(My little gardener, tending some seedlings)

So, for this year, I planted 14 green bean plants (Kentucky Wonder and Burpees Stringless) in the cinder blocks flanking each post.  My hope is that the fast growing beans will create the desired screen for this summer.  Of course, I'll be happy to have all of those beans to eat, freeze, and can as well!

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