14 October 2011

Oh the glitter was worth it!

(Also known as "If you blog it, it's no longer crazy!")

A glittery project with the kids probably wasn't my brightest idea.  Especially at 7PM the evening after co-op, on the seventh day of a daddy-less week.  (He comes home to night - woo!)

The kids loved this project and, really, the results were worth it. 

 Starting in the evening was also good, because they could dry over night and be finished in the morning.  I gleaned this fantastic fall craft idea from This Cosy Life.  She has a great tutorial, so I won't go into to much detail here.

I watered down the glue a bit and the kids dipped the acorn caps into the glue before sprinkling them with the detested sparkly glitter.

I should add that we made some of these of the non-glittery variety and they were equally adorable.  In fact, they were a little more to my earthy, I'm-not-a-fan-of-glitter taste!  But the kids, they loved the glitter (of course).

I drilled holes in the top and the acron caps.  Then we threaded cotton yarn through the caps and jingle bells.  **Tip: get the multi-size package of jingle bells so you can match the bells to the cap**

This was a great fine motor skills lesson.  My kids love to use needle and thread, so they were thrilled with this!

Beautiful fall necklaces!  I guess I failed to get a photo of the kids wearing their necklaces.  They've been jingling around the house all day!


Julie said...

LOVE that tip about the multi pack of bells! I just picked up some teeny tiny caps this evening (because we have acorn fever here) and I happen to have some super tiny bells they would be perfect with. Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Sarah! You braved the glitter!!!!!! (gasps of admiration)

Very cute craft. We crafted today too since Ben was in NY. When the cat's away. . . .