13 October 2011

Eight is Great!

A birthday princess
Yesterday, this sweet girl turned eight years old.  She was treated to quite the girly birthday adventure to celebrate.  We picked up a few friends and headed out for manicures and pizza.
Grace's bff Chiara
I had intended to take the girls to one of the local cosmetology schools for their manicures, but seeing as they rely on students signing up for shifts, this plan didn't pan out.
Eight year olds are great, but three years olds are adorable!
In the end, it worked out for the best, because Bella Nail Spa was wonderful!  They treated the girls so well and even gave them cookies!

I loved taking Anja with us. 
These girls chose the most fabulous color combinations.  If only I were so brave and daring!

Jazz hands showing off their do's.
After their nail treatments, I asked the girls where they wanted to go for pizza.  The vote was unanimous -- "That place where the train brings your drinks!"

Locomotion excitement!
I had been hoping for Bruno's, but I was severely out voted.  So off we went!
Fantastically bright!
Happy birthday, Gracie!  You are loved!

And a big Happy Birthday to my amazingly wonderful sister-in-law Anna!!


Maryanne said...

Love it!!!! Chiara had such a GREAT time!!! She was sure to really rub it in to Zeke that she got to go to the "pizza place with the train." haha! Happy Birthday, to Grace! And thanks for inviting Chiara - she just adores Grace!

Laurasuz said...

You are such a fun mom!!