26 October 2011

Basilica Cathedral St. Louis

When I was researching Mass times before heading out on our trip, I discovered that the Arch is not to only place of wondrous beauty in St. Louis!

The Basilica Cathedral is certainly not to be missed!  In a moment of providence, we actually missed the early Mass we had intended to attend.  We thought we knew where we were heading, but ended up at a difference Catholic Church.
I had had my heart set on going to the Basilica, so we passed up the Mass at that Church, opting for the later Mass at the Basilica.

And to our surprise and excitement, the Bishop said the later Mass!  In celebration of World Mission Sunday, there were NINE priests presiding and a full choir.  It was fantastic. 
The kids were in awe of the many, many mosaics decorating the Basilica.

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