03 October 2011

The Case for the Homeschool Dad

As much as I would like to be, I am not that roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-messy mom.  Thankfully (I think!), my husband is.  Therefore, the kids get some great hand-on learning experiences!  The most recent has been homemade root beer!

The first night, they mixed the brew.  The next day, we watched it begin to carbonate and the kids calculated the carbonation in order to determine the best time to bottle.

Watching air bubble through this air-lock allowed them to figure this out.  And allowed us to stop the bubbling before we ended up with beer!

They worked together to clean all of the bottles.


Then Andrew patiently showed them how to fill the bottles with enough brew.

Christopher declared himself the official "taste tester".  It passed his sensitive palette!

After the bottles were filled, they were capped and sealed and put in the fridge.  Please say a prayer that fermentation stops before they explode all over my fridge!

Dad's are great in the zeal for the messy, exciting, and sometimes even educational!


Anne said...

Oh my goodness - Charles would LOVE that activity!

Carol J. Alexander said...

This is sooo cool! My kids would be jealous. Maybe next you can share a how-to.
BTW, visiting from Large Family Link UP.