26 August 2011

Ten Happy Years

A lot can happen in ten years!  And its amazing how swiftly that time can move.  Andrew and I celebrated our tenth anniversary yesterday and part of me thinks maybe we can't count.  Has it really been ten?  Or maybe ten years isn't really all that long.

And look how far we've come!  I can't think of anything better I could have done with the last ten years.

I have always loved this song.  I think it sums everything up quite well!


andrew said...

Thanks sweetie! I has been a great ten years and I feel like we are just getting started! I've enjoyed every second of it with you. Love, Andrew

erhatke said...

Oh, Sarah, this made me cry. That song could have been written for you and Andrew!

Laurasuz said...

Happy Anniversary guys!

Anne said...

happy, happy anniversary!!