12 August 2011

Seven Quick Takes

Today I kind of have that mixed feeling of "Is it Friday already??" and "Maaaan, this week was long!"  Either way, I am glad it is Friday, but boy. this is a busy weekend.

I gave Andrew his early anniversary gift - a "new" mountain bike.  So around here, it's been all bikes, all the time.  It's been super fun, as biking is something the whole family enjoys and can do together.  The two little girls love being in the trailer and the three older kids do a great job of riding along, so it's been great fun.  And, as a bonus, we've been using the car way less, so I anticipate this little hobby will fund itself.  Hooray for that!

Wednesday was the Feast of St. Lawrence.  My parents invited us up for a BBQ in honor of the great, grilled saint.  It was delish and tons of fun.  My mom certainly doesn't skimp in the food department, and that is a happy thing!

This weekend is the Grand Opening of the Natural Parenting Education Network, of which I have been a part.  It is very exciting to see the project getting in its feet.  Come by and visit!  Food, wine, music!

This weekend is also the Assumption Pilgrimage at St. Boniface.  I am HUGELY bummed to miss it, but I will offer my bummedness (I am sure that's a word) for the valiant pilgrims!  And my family will definitely be there.

To add spice to out already incredibly busy Saturday, Andrew wants to participate in a "Bike Obstacle For Charity" thingy.  (I told you it was all bikes all the time!)  I am hoping Christopher can do it as well.  Fun and cute!

Um.  Crud.  Seven is always such a hard number to get.  Oh!  School starts Tuesday!  Yipes!  Christopher is super excited and that is a wonderful thing.  I hadn't planned on starting the others until closer to September, but they are kind of chomping at the bit, so we may start a bit early.  Not that I am even closed to prepared.

Here's my little angler.  She makes me laugh.  She's 14 months old and STILL not walking.  Not because she can't, mind you, but because she won't.  She's far to smart for that silly walking stuff - why walk, when you can be the princess everyone carries?  Her siblings are spoiling. spoiling. spoiling her.  And I'm just fine with that.
(I have a better picture than this, but of course, I can't find it.)

Happy Weekend!
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