02 October 2009

A Somewhat Whiney Post from a Stir Crazy Mama

What a week! I am SO glad that the weekend is (almost) here! We hunkered down this week, nursing runny noses, high fevers, and persistent coughs. We are slowly crawling out of the land of the sick, but I think we still need another day or so. I don't know how big families handle illnesses. It takes a long time for the "bug" to hit every person and then work its way through. With four kids, it's taken a full week to make its way through everyone and finally leave. If we had more kids, I think we'd be sick for a month!

I was bummed to be sick this week -- I had such grand plans! There were so many great Feast days this week. We did make a special dinner for Michealmas: Chicken Spaghetti Bake (angels make us brave, not chicken!), Spinach Hand Pies (spinach makes us strong in body, prayer makes us strong in spirit) and "Divinely Inspired" Apple Sauce (it was heavenly!). We met Andrew at the River for dinner, so we were able to have a fire and roast marshmallows as well.

For the Feast of St Therese, the kids all flopped on couches and chairs and didn't really move. I am hoping to get an angel craft done this afternoon, for the Feast of the Guardian Angels, but I may have to be happy with letting this kids watch "My Guardian Friend" and cheezy movie about a little girl and her Guardian Angel. I hope to also give the kids a good idea of the wonder of having a Guardian Angel and to instill in them this great, but often misunderstood fact: we don't become Angels when we die!!!

So there you have it: our sick and lazy week. Hopefully next week we will be able to get back on track.

Happy weekend!


Matt said...

I really hope they didn’t get sick from Graces birthday party! I hadn’t shown signs for three days!

Anyway, I hope you all feel better soon. Sounds like angles, noodles, spinach and prayers were helpful.

I would love to try the divinely inspired apple sauce sometime. And some would argue with your point on angels – I think you already are one, even without dying first! Take care of those kidos.

Jill said...

Sarah, I could have written this post! We've all been sick this week, too....well, at least since Wednesday. The boys have been cranky and tired and at odds with each other all day. I am so bummed to have missed all the great feast days, too. I didn't even realize yesterday was Oct. 1st until it was too late to do anything special. I felt too terrible to do anything, anyhow. I hope you all feel better soon. God bless the weekends when Daddy is home!

Stephanie B. said...

what big flirt is the Matt that made that above comment? couldn't be the one I know?

what a coincidence you 'missed' celebrating an oct. 2 feast day. it was the birthday of st mother theodore guerin (and my mom) and i have a children's book about her set aside to give to you (if you don't already have it-i found 2 on my shelf when decluttering)

I hope everyone is better soon! Let me know how I can help.

Sarah said...

Haha, Matt is blog-flirting!! (I am SURE you didn't make them sick!) And don't stop commenting, just because S and I make fun of you! In fact, I read a great quote the other day that said something to the effect of: your friends aren't your freinds unless they make fun of you!!

Stephainie - he is a cutie . . . . you should get to know him=) Thanks for the book!

Jill, Sorry you had a rough week, too. Hope this one is better!! My kids LOVED the hilarious horse pictures you posted!