19 October 2009

Fall Pictures

Mr. I'm Never Serious
Doesn't this look like an album cover?

Barefoot and Beautiful


Jill said...

Those are gorgeous, Sarah!

Stephanie B. said...

where do i get to see all 200? too bad i had the same attitude as jonah. i took about 1/10 as what you did. oh, well. i'm still glad we did it and that you all came, too. i love the ones i see of yours so far.

Josepha Bertolini said...

Wow Sarah those are so cute!!!!

um this is Anna on Joespha's computer but she shares my sentiments completely!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Gorgeous photographs! It reminds me that I really need to get something for our Christmas card. I can take hundreds of pictures and my darn kids never all look at the same time. That's just not right. ;)