11 October 2009

We spent almost every moment of our weekend enjoying the sights and sounds of the Feast of the Hunters Moon. On Friday, cold and rainy, the kids and I went out to help with the Soap Making Booth. We learned SO much and had a wonderful time, despite the seriously nasty weather.

On Saturday, we picked up a few of our favorite pals, and headed back out. The weather was way better this time around. In fact, it was perfect Feasting weather. Cool and crisp, but warm in the sunshine. The girls made beaded necklaces and the boys threw tomahawks.

(Did I tell you that, Stephanie? Your son hit the target!)

They aren't letting the Indians test their abilities. They are seeing how tall they are in order to choose their distance from the target.

Today, it was so cold that Bella spent most of her time hidden under my cape. Sometimes I slung her on my back and then put the cape over her, making for a cozy ride!

We headed out again, Sunday morning for a very chilly, but lovely, Mass. And a miracle happened at the Mass -- we were early! And we got a seat! Every year, we can be found making a mad dash, dragging children, across the Feast grounds hoping the get to Mass before the Gospel! But not this year. (Ok, full disclaimer: I thought Mass was at 8, but it was at 8:30, but give a girl some credit!).

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