10 August 2009

Fun River Weekends

We had a fantastic weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and water at my parents river cottage. Our good friends joined us, as well as my parents and my sister and her family. We did everything you should do on a lazy Sunday afternoon -- nothing. Except eat. And the food was great. (That first picture is my promised cloth diaper picture)

The kids enjoyed the water, which was a perfect level for little people. And they even built sand towns in the new "beach" (Thank you, Flood!)
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And this is my daughter getting drunk, unbeknownst to her Daddy. She repeatedly stuck her celery stick in his Bloody Mary and licked it off until my Dad finally pointed it out and Andrew made her stop!


Joannie said...

warning... this is a random comment...
Have you ever been to thepioneerwoman.com? She has a whole homeschooling section and has really neat resources. I was going to email you, but don't know your email address. Don't ask me what made me tell you this, but I just thought you'd be interested.
Signing off, random Joannie.

Sarah said...

Thanks Joannie!! I will check that out. I love random tidbits of information. If you ever want to send me more=), my email is antoniosarah@msn.com

Katie said...

Look like you guys had fun :)

Jill said...

Whoever's foot is in that first photo.....I really like her sandals!

I can never find cute shoes like that.

Sarah said...

Haha, Jill! Thatis my foot. I got those sandals at Track N Trail a few years ago . . . maybe three summers ago? They are hushpuupies. Super comfy!