06 August 2009

Can you say "Cutie"??

Isn't she adorable?? This is Marianna Eva, our newest neice, and the first on Andrew's side! Unfortunatly, she is living WAAAY over in Washington state, so we probably won't get to meet her too soon.


Jessica said...

Congratulations!! SHe is adorable.

If you EVER do make it out there. You all HAVE to drop down for a visit! =)

P.S. I lost your email before I had a chance to respond and all my email address, emails, and EVERYTHING was lost after my email program got a virus. I have been trying to remember exactly what it was about FC that you asked, and I am sorry, my brain has just not been functioning at full capacity this pregnancy (or since having kids for that matter!) ... We have never put our children in any of the parish programs and although we mainly teach them from The New Saint Joseph First Communion Catechism, I posted a list of other books and resources I draw from. Please email me again if there was something else.. You so can do it Sarah!!!

Katie said...

Congratulations on your new niece, she's adorable :)

Annie said...

Aaaww!! She is really cute! She's not shriveled up looking like my babies are... must be good Antonio genes!