23 July 2009

A Baby of the Cloth Part II

If you missed Part I, you can read it here.

Once I decided to faze out my disposable, I started using a few cloth diapers while at home, but stuck to the disposable when out. It just seemed easier. But then I found myself addicted to the cloth! I enjoyed doing it and some of the covers were just so darn cute that I wanted Isabella to sport them outside the house as well as in. And once I went out with them, I realized that it was easier than I had expected! I just toss the wet/dirty in a grocery sack and put it straight into the laundry when I get home -- no problems!

Another thing that scared me was the way so many people talked about how hard it is to care for the cloth diapers. One day a friend stopped by -- she is a Mama to one and has cloth diapered from the get go. Admittedly, her little gal is still exclusively breastfed, so things might be a bit easier, but she told me she just tosses everything in together and doesn't do anything special. Hearing this was like a wall falling down. No special detergent? No special cycles? I can do that! So now I just wash everything on hot, with the same detergent I wash everything else (I make my own, so I know it is free of dyes, fragrance, etc.). *Total Disclaimer* My diapering is made infinitely easier because I have two washers and dryers! One is now my designated "diaper washer" BUT that doesn't mean it can't be done. It only means that you probably can't get away with slacking on the other laundry like I do. And that is probably a good thing!

One thing in the washing that has made a world of difference is sunning the diapers. Sometimes, in the dryer, they weren't getting completely dry. And I think that it was allowing bacteria to grow and therefore causing rash. Once I started sunning them, the rash disappeared. Since sun is antibacterial, this would support my little theory!

I have to say, while my promary reason for switching was to save money, if I hit the lottery tomorrow, I would still use cloth. But I would buy every cute cover I could get my hands on!!

One final tip . . . while the gender specific covers are unbelievably cute, if you plan to diaper more than one child, get some gender neutral covers. PeterXavier (now finally potty trained, thank heavens!) was in the cloth for a short time. One day, I only had a pink cover clean, so I tossed it on him and headed out to meet some friends. Somehow the poor guy was depants, and there he stood in his crowd of friends wearing a PINK diaper. It was hilarious and he cracked up along with everyone else. But it might be easier just to avoid the issue!

Questions? Comments? I am definetly a novice here, but maybe that makes me more sympathetic to any questions!

I will try to add some pictures later, but I don't have any on this computer. Cloth wins hands down with its cuteness factor!


Anonymous said...

Your title intrigued me and I had to read your blog. I have to agree that cloth diapers are wonderful and sunning is the best way to dry them. You are so right there is nothing cuter than a baby bum in a cloth diaper.

Barbara said...

Sarah, What a great mother you are, not many mothers are washing diapers these days. When mine was born, that is all we had.

I enjoy seeing all the pictures of your children.


Sarah said...

Thank you, Barbara! That is very sweet of you. I am glad that you are enjoying the pictures of our crazy kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Jamie Spiering directed me to this website for reasonable "package deals" on diapers: http://www.babysorganicnursery.com/home/dp1/listitems_23/diaper_packages.html
~ Mary S.

Mary said...

Thank you for posting on this! I went "cloth" with my fourth, but she got such horrible rashes that I had to go back to disposable. Now I'm determined to see if the sun makes the difference and go back to cloth with my fifth. You're right- it's really not much extra work (especially when you are already doing so much laundry for all the kiddos) and they are WAYYY cuter!!

Kathleen Simis said...

Hi Sarah,
I am Andrews's cousin and he shared your blog with me! We have been cloth diapering since our little girl's thigh's were chubby enough (about 6 weeks) as well. Her dad and I absolutely love it and am so happy to hear about your successes!! She does not get any diaper rash with cloth and the occasional times we have to use disposables (on vacation etc), she always gets a rash. I agree, they are the cutest things ever on a baby bum :)