20 July 2009

The Mountains Fell on my Excitement

Some how I am on the emailing list for Puccini's, a pizza place in West Lafayette. And today I recieved an email in which the subject line excitedly announced

"Come Meet Carl Landry!"
But I thought it said "Come Meet CARY Landry!"
And I almost jumped in my car to go meet him. Can you imagine?? Would they have a Folk
Group belting his much loved tunes?? What excitment.
But alas, I was wrong. I don't even know who Carl Landry is.
Maybe he's Cary's grandson??


Joannie said...

How exciting would that be!? Do you think he would bring his former-nun wife with him!? Wow, just imagine-- eating a Puccini's yummy calzone while listening to Peace is Flowing Like a River and Only a Shadow.

I was at a church this spring that had a concert with Bob Hurd. I was singing Pan de Vida all night. (I'll admit... I skipped the concert. But I was still singing Pan de Vida all night.)

It's hilarious that we don't know who Carl Landry is, but we're supposed to be excited about it... but we're more excited about some hippie songwriter who has almost single-handedly written the entire Glory and Praise hymnal.

I think this post made my evening.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I would have gone with you...just for the chance to sing Hi, God! one more time!! I actually DID see the real Cary Landry when he came to St. Tom's sometime back in the early 70's. How embarrassing.
Love, Mama PS I don't know who Carl Landry is either.

Anonymous said...

Apparently (I had to look it up) Carl Landry is a professional basketball player.


Sarah said...

Well, sheesh. That's not NEARLY as exciting as the man who so filled us with the Holy Spirit that we couldn't help but engage in Liturgical Dance. People kicked their shoes off at the altar, thanks to Cary Landry. Can Carl claim that?? I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

PS As i recall, Mrs. Hasser ( before she was Mrs. Hasser....she was still Miss Loepker) went with me to sing and swing with Cary.