02 May 2008

Last night we went out to "return a movie" (aka drvie the kids to sleep) and as we were pulling out of Blockbuster and preparing to turn onto 52, we saw a helicopter landing in the visinity of the hospital. Since the bigger kids were still awake, we decided to find out where it had landed. We drove round and round in search of it, when I had a flashback to childhood and remembered seeing those orange ball thingys that they put on electrical wires so that airplanes can see them. I remember asking my dad about it and thinking it was pretty weird. (to a child they look like dodge balls suspended on a wire). Anyway, I told Andrew this and directed him over to where I remembered these things being. Sure enough, there was a helicopter landing pad, complete with helicopter and pilots! So we stopped and the kids got to look all in and around the helicopter and talk to the pilots. It was a pretty neat experience -- except that it was sad because they were only there to pick up a patient and take him to Indy. I love random adventures!


LauraSuz said...

I saw it too! So no one was hurt?

Angie said...

Sorry for leaving an unrelated comment on your blog -- It appears that you are still using the old coding for the Catholic Mothers Online blog roll. Please contact me at catholicmothers @ comcast.net to receive your new coding. Thanks!

(But, I have to say, all of the sudden I had to stop and be surprised while I skimmed this post before posting because I was all like, "Hang on, stopping by the Blockbuster on 52 near a hospital?!?" I thought, "Is that just a coincidence?" Nope -- not when I recognize places in the pictures on the side of your blog. LOL ;) )