09 May 2008

Field Trip!!

I always swore that I would never homeschool. And on most days, I still wonder when it was exactly that I completely lost my mind. Then there are the days that we get together with our friends to have a picnic, play some games, and learn even more than was intended. The other day we took a field trip to Prophetstown, where the kids learned all about the Indians who first inhabited this area, life in a 1920's farmhouse, and that when you raise your hand, you need to have something to say! All of the kids had a chance to milk "Pebbles", the worlds most patient cow.

Here we are in the Indian meeting house. Notice the randomly raised hands??

And here's the crew with our fantastic tour guide!


Emily said...

LOL about needing to have something to say!!! My kids are still working on that one!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how wonderfully well behaved the whole gang was!
The Tour Guide

Trina said...

Sounds like a great field trip. The kids will have lots of fun memories. Did those kids actually get any milk out of Pebbles? I heard that was a tricky skill to learn.

Annie said...

hahaha, I read that part about the hand-raising to Martin and then explained that in the picture it looked like Gracie was the one with the hand raising difficulties... he said of course she does--it must be so exciting to learn that all you have to do is raise your hand, and then you get to TALK!! And everyone has to listen to you!!! (even if you have nothing to say!)

Jessica said...

What a FUN field trip!

Our oldest kept asking if he could "milk a cow" for the longest time!! (Like for TWO years--from age 3-5!) Unfortunately, a cow could not be found! :) He was so excited when we walked into a zoo exhibit to find a "cow" that could be "milked!" He was so excited!

Jessica said...

Also -- I always swore I wouldn't homeschool either! It's funny how having children changes your mind on certain things, isn't it?!?! :)