12 July 2012

A Slightly Disjointed Crazy Summer ReCap

We're half way through summer and I'm still trying to find those "lazy days"!  We've been so busy, but all in a good way.  This week and last we've had swimming lessons every morning.  It makes for a busy morning, but the kids are having fun (finally!  it started out a little rough) and it forces us to get moving on our day.

Yesterday, the kids wanted to practice their new skills at my uncles pool.  Turns out, we weren't the only ones!  Lots of cousins showed up and it turned into a fantastically fun afternoon!  Not only do I have a great family, but they all have great spouses and their kids are friends with mine, so it works very well.

I've been wanting a wicker basket for my bike for a while now, but who wants to shell out $50??  Last night I had a genius idea to make my own!  So this morning I biked to the nearby thrift store and got this basket for $1... a little ribbon and some buckles from me stash and easy - peasy basket!

Oh!  Back to my cousins . . . the youngest cousin was married last Friday and Grace was one of her flowergirls.  It was a beautiful wedding and Hope was, hands down, the CUTEST bride ever.

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