19 July 2012

Seven Quick Takes

I realize quick takes are usually on Friday, but if I don't seize the moment, it won't ever happen.

This has been a super busy week of errand running and general craziness.  Christopher had football camp every morning, which was actually quite the blessing.  He loved every minute of it and had a great time.  Bonus: it got us up and out of the house early so we could get our busy-ness out of the way early in the day.

School shopping is d.o.n.e.  The boys have all of their supplies, shoes, and uniforms.  PeterXavier is super excited to start school like his big brother. Early completion of school supply shopping short of a miracle, as I am not usually finished with a task a month in advance!  But it had to be finished before . . .

Christopher leaves for Italy on Monday!  Ahh!  And returns about six hours before school starts for the year.  So I pretty much had to be ready for the beginning of school half way through the summer!


  It turns out that there is a lot more to shipping your child over seas without you than just getting a passport.  I ended up printing numerous "Permission to Travel" documents and having them notarized.  Hopefully no one thinks my parents are trying to steal him.

My sweet little niece is being baptized tomorrow.  Along with that celebration, we are throwing in about four birthdays to celebrate as well.  I have to laugh that my family can never have a celebration for just one thing.  We always find so much more to celebrate!  Since Christopher and my dad will be in Rome for their birthdays, we'll eat our cake with them tomorrow :)

Are all four year olds this whiney??  Oh boy.

I feel like we've been trapped inside by heat for weeks!  On this afternoons agenda - pizza and a movie!  I think everyone deserves a treat after this busy week.

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Mrs. H. said...

Our family has so much to celebrate that we could have a party every day!! Aren't we blessed? Nutty as fruitcakes, but blessed.