23 March 2012

Seven Quick Takes

Where did the week go?  I kept thinking I'd pop in to update, but here it is Friday again already!  We had a great Trinity of Lenten Respite between St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's Day.

(Fantastic diaper courtesy of Annie, fantastic bum courtesy of Avila)

St. Paddy's day was quiet, as Grace spent the night at a friends and the boys were at a Super Cross event.  But St. Joseph's Day more than made up for it with a neighborhood brawl and police showing up, literally, in our back yard.

Celtic Woman is THIS WEEKEND!!!  I am SO excited!!!

Blooms are popping up everywhere.  These in particular made me smile.  I got the bulbs from my aunt years ago and I believe they are from my grandparents farm.  I have seen bits of green each year, but this is the first time they have flowered!

The beautiful weather spurred me to take this kids to the neighborhood park the other day.  It is right next to the YWCA, where the local director of Planned Parenthood was giving a talk.  I about died laughing when I saw THREE different friends going in to covertly gather information.


Cute little girls interrupting a photo shoot.  But who could resist? 

We have been in the slooooow process of reorganizing our upstairs.  The plan is to move the majority of clothing out of the kids rooms and into a storage system in the laundry room.  I am hoping this effort will force me to cut down seriously on the amount of clothing everyone has as well as cutting down on the messes in the kids rooms.
When I saw a "cedar wardrobe" (which, it turns out, meant particleboard with a cedar veneer) on facebook at the local supply and surplus store, I jumped at the chance to get it.  My husband may divorce me now.  (Actually, he was quite cheerful about it.)
It only weighs roughly seven tons, but he and I manhandled it up the stairs (it only took an hour!).  Visions of death-by-wardrobe may haunt me forever.
And then we got to the top of the stairs and the $@%! thing fell apart!
Sweet Andrew patiently put it back together for me.
And soon it will happily house the kids clothing.  We did have to tell them to NOT climb inside looking for Narnia.


I am still working away on the eggs for the Easter Swap over at This Cosy Life.  I finally got the pattern figured out so that not only do they look like eggs, but they open to tuck in a toy of bit of candy as well. I *may* attempt to write up the pattern and share it here.  I have never written a pattern before, so we'll see.  Sometimes I craft like a cook - a little of this and a little of that.  If nothing else, I'll share pics soon.

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Lisa said...

I always think that I'd like to have a giant laundry room with everyone's clothes stored there, instead of in individual room. How timesaving this would be! My husband does not agree.

Beth said...

The wardrobe story reminds me of the beautiful desk we got from you all. We still have it, and every time we move, I am sure it will fall on someone. :)