16 March 2012

Seven Quick Takes


Yesterday, our homeschool co-op shirked all education responsibility and capitalized on this fantastic weather we've been having.  We canceled our regular classes and met at Happy Hollow Park instead.  The kids had a wonderful time romping with friends in the sunshine!  Bella insisted that the name of said park is "Happy Halloween Park".  She's such a goofball!

Tonight is the Pinewood Derby!  I have a couple of very excited boys, ready to race.  I am pretty sure victories aren't in our future, since they care way more about appearance than speed!  PeterXavier made his look like a mouse, complete with wavy tail and Christopher's is a stylin' silver with gold stripes.

Bella's been on a roll lately with saying silly things.  Last night we had a impromptu visit with friends down the street and her friend Helen was running around without a shirt on.  (Oh happy 80* weather in March!).  Later, Bella commented on her shirtlessness saying, "I bet Helen wanted to wear shirt, but it was probably in the wash-ish-a-sheen."  I'm not sure which is funnier - her pronunciation of washing machine or her assumption that Helen only has one shirt!

Grace, many moons ago!
Grace is very excited to have been invited to her very first over night at a friends house this weekend!  I can't believe she's ready and willing, as she is usually so shy.  I've been happy to see both her and Christopher grow to be so independent and confident.  When they were both really small (and my only kiddos), I caught a great deal of flack for indulging their attachment to me and not letting them "cry it out" either at night or to be left with other adults.  It's nice to see the all the Attachment Parenting talk that attached young children grow to be more independent bigger children might actually be true!

On that same note, it's interesting that when you have more kids than the average joe, people stop giving you unsolicited parenting advise.  (They may give you other unsolicited advise, but let's just take what we can get here!)


Last night, we were driving around and passed a McDonald's with a playplace.  Bella commented on how fun it looked.  This set Grace off on a tangent about the horrors of McD food.  I was cracking up in the front seat as she described nuggets as "crushed bones, food coloring, and poison!"  Once she stepped down from her little soapbox, PX piped up "Well it tastes good to me!!"


My main agenda today is to knit an insane number of wool eggs.  I am participating in an Easter craft swap, hosted over at This Cosy Life.  I am a bit behind and more than a bit intimidated by the craftiness of the other ladies!  Yikes!  I'll share my finished product before I ship them out.

Happy Weekending!  For more quick takes, visit Jen.


Rachel said...

About IV -- I'm pretty much an attachment parent too, and I'm glad to hear that not letting my babies "cry it out" and generally making them feel as secure and safe as I can just might turn them into secure little people after all :-)

And about V -- now that I have 3, people keep saying, "You certainly have your hands full." I had my hands full with one! Silly people.

Elisabeth said...

I'm glad to hear about the sleepover too... it's comforting to know that despite the flack we take, AP kids will turn out happy, healthy and well adjusted! :) (Well, as much as humans can be!)