12 May 2011

Beauty of Nature

Last night, I noticed a Mourning Dove nesting on the pillar of our porch.  It was amazing how she sat perfectly still on her nest.  I wondered at the time if there were any eggs, but I didn't get close enough to check.

This morning, when we went to check, we noticed her baby with her!  So sweet!  After some research, we have decided that the baby must be a few days old.  Her feathers are to thick for her to be brand new.

We spend a fair amount of time on this porch, so I am shocked that this sweet bird was up there with her egg for so long unnoticed!  It will be fun to watch the baby grow!


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for posting! God is sooooooo good!! ; )

Sharon Antonio said...

This is so awesome! I am so happy the children got to experience it! If you had a new modern home in a subdivision you probably would have missed out.