15 April 2011

Three Years

Isabella turned three last week.  It was much anticipated, as she was so eager to be three just like Anja and Julia!  We decided to mark the occasion with a very special gift -- a wonderful wooden play kitchen (also, just like Anja!)

And it was even extra, super special, because Andrew made it himself!  I am so proud of him!

Andrew is a rather amateur woodworker, so this fantastic kitchen is quite exciting.  Before Christmas, we were drooling over all of the fantastic toys in the Nova Naturals catalog and lamenting the fact that we couldn't afford to buy everything!  So instead, we decided to by a bandsaw and Andrew tried his hand a wood crafting.  It turned out the be a great investment.  Now, we not only can give the kids great wood toys -- they are even better because they are handmade specifically for them, with great love!
(For more pictures, see Andrew's FB page!)


Laurasuz said...

Aw, man! I can't see any pictures. Bummer! I beat it looks so good!

Sarah said...

Are they working now? I reloaded them. Why does Blogger hate me??

Maryanne said...

I can see the pictures now. Great job, Andrew!!! I bet Bella LOVES it!