19 February 2011

Seven Late Takes

In a family of this size, with the energetic monkeys that we have, even most quiet and peaceful days can end poorly.  To day was so nice -- the sun was shining and the air felt like spring.  The kids were so cheerful and were playing so well.  The next thing I knew, PeterXavier was screaming and dripping blood.  Two hours later, Andrew is STILL in the ER waiting room, waiting to get the poor little guys finger stitched up!

Earlier this week, the kids and I took a field trip to Olive Garden.  It was great fun, very informative, and best of all --- they handed out kids eat free coupons to all of the kids.  We are comforting ourselves after a day at the ER with Olive Garden for dinner.  Works for me!

In the last couple of weeks, a few people I know have started blogs that are totally worth reading.  Check them out -- you won't be disappointed!  For comical adventures in a family of eight kids, go read what Mrs. B. has to say!
And for a little deeper read, sprinkled with levity, check out what's on Dr. Janero's mind.

Since it is now Saturday and I am JUST now sitting down to finish this, I can report that PeterXavier is all fixed up after FOUR HOURS at the ER.  And we had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden.  Hooray for Friday being over :)

The weather here has been fantastic lately.  It has contributed greatly to the cheer factor in the house!  Sunshine and warm breezes will do that to you.  Andrew and the kids went on a bike ride earlier.  The big kids were convinced that it is imperative to teach PeterXavier to ride a two wheeler before he turns five.  I am not quite sure about the urgency, but I am happy to see everyone excited about it!

For any locals -- if you are interested in learning more about cloth diapering and baby wearing, CHOICES is having a demo night this Monday at 5:30 at the WL Library.  I will be there with my slings, as will a bunch of other awesome Mamas!  Come learn more about these great aspects of mothering!

Tonight Andrew and I are getting gussied up for a night on the town.  Actually, it will probably be an hour on the town.  Or at the "Heart Ball" more specifically.  We are going to leave Miss Avi with my parents -- so I am not sure how long it will last!  But we'll have fun either way :)

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!


TusaRebecca said...

I got my blog up and running too! www.tusarebecca.blogspot.com

Maryanne said...

mmmm....A field trip to Olive Garden sounds great!

Question - is the demo night a mom's only kind of thing, or could kids come, too? It sounds interesting, but Justin has a class that night...

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Thanks for linking to my momma! I'm loving her posts too! :) Hope you guys had a fun night out! :)

Sarah said...

Maryanne -- Kids are more than welcome! You should definetly come -- I would love to see you!

TusaRebecca -- Good for you! I will check it out.

Caitie -- Love it!! Your mom is hilarious!

Beth said...

You can have a field trip to the OG? I am so on that, I should plan one, after a trip to the fire department.

Do you sell slings? If so, what type do you make/sell? I am looking for a replacement for my NOJO. It was great early on, but as Benedict is getting bigger, I end up hurting at the end of the I am looking for something that offers a bit more support in the back. :) Do you have something like that?

Sarah said...

Beth - I make wrap style slings. Kind of like a moby, but a little different. I think they are back friendly, since the use both shoulders and distribute the weight more evenly.

And OG field trips are awesome -- they were SO nice to the kids, showed them everything and then fed them! Can't get better than that!