17 December 2010

Oh Christmas Card

I am finding it ridiculously difficult to get five kids to smile all at once.  Do you think half dressed kids are inappropriate for a Christmas card??  Because I really like this bottom picture.  The top one is nice, but Andrew took it with his phone so it is a bit fuzzy.  (Or maybe it's "vintage".  I can pretend I took it with my old school SLR 35mm)

Do I even have time to do Christmas cards?  Talk about procrastinating.  No wonder the Church, in Her mercy, gave us twelve days of Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the bottom picture. Avila looks like she is thinking "How did I get here with this bunch of crazy monkeys??"
Love, Ooma

Anne said...

Your kids are ADORABLE in any picture!

LauraSuz said...

All your kids are beautiful/handsome but I LOVE Avi's eyes. Oh my gosh! Stunning.