13 December 2010

Fun Feasting!

Oh my. Aren't these little girls the cutest?? My nieces were princesses at our Gaudete Party last night.

A great time was had by all. We were a bit low on numbers, due to weather, sickness, and general bad advertising by the party planner. (ahem)

And now we have an abundance of food. I guess I won't be cooking for a while - woo!

And a joyful Gaudete is follow quickly by a Happy Santa Lucia today! I didn't have the energy to do the full early morning baking and wake up, but some cinnamon rolls might be in order later today. Especially given the beautiful snow fall, afternoon baking will be so cozy!


Maryanne said...

Zeke and Chiara cried yesterday when I said we couldn't go to the party. We'll be there next year, assuming the strep throat monster stays away! =)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful time was had by all!
Thanks Antonio Family!

LauraSuz said...

Those girls sure are cute! I love the dresses! I wanted to say thank you for the invite! Next year, if the weather corporates we'd love to be there!

Katie said...

We were soooo sad we missed it! (My husband was totally whining about not getting to go!)

Sarah said...

Maryanne - Grace cried too! We missed you. We'll have to get together soon!

Laura - next year! The weather did make it tough. You were missed!

Katie - We missed you!Hopefully next year all the germs will stay away!