24 May 2009

Memorial Day Peonies

When we were young, my parents would take us to the cemetary on Memorial Day. Early in the day, my mom would go out to the farm where my dad grew up and cut peonies to leave at the grave sites. We plan to continue the tradition with our children, by attending the early Memorial Day Mass at the cemetary tomorrow and visiting the grave site of my maternal and paternal grandparents.
When my grandfather passed away, his farm was sold to developers. Knowing this, the family chose to transplant many of the beautiful flowers that my grandmother (and probably great grandmother!) had planted over the 100 years our family had lived on the land. Blessedly, I have a few of Grandma's peonies bursting into bloom right out side my front door. I am excited to leave a few of her lovely blooms for her tomorrow!
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Mary said...

How special! What an awesome heirloom and tradition, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for covering for us while we were gone, Sarah. It's good to know this importantant tradition will be continued. I'm really happy, too, that you appreciate the peonies and their history.