19 May 2009

Happy Birthday, Crazy Pants!

There are days I wonder how he has survived three years. There are more days when I wonder how I have survived these last three years. But everyday I am thankful for the little spitfire who has added so much laughter, hair pulling, and crayon marked walls to this family! Our crazy little man turned three this weekend, and there doesn't seem to be any slowing down in our future. On Saturday, we went to Oakdale Inn for dinner, where he ate frog legs and had the entire restaurant sing to him as he grinned away, basking in the attention!
On Sunday, our wonderful friends came up to my parents cottage, where we avoided the river, prayed no one would fly off the edge of the loft, and had a grand old time! As you can see, PeterXavier ditched is pants in favor of football flags and a wonderful balloon hat. He seemed to think that his birthday gave him a free pass to strip.
His daddy made him this fantastic chair for his birthday. I am sure, with a little urging from the resident nagger (ahem), that all of our kids will have one. And that weird thing he is doing -- looking at the sky with his mouth as wide open as humanly possible -- that's his new camera smile. I've stopped wondering what makes him tick and just laugh.
Resting after a very long (and cold) weekend. We needed to soak what little sun we could find on the front porch.
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Maria said...

Happy birthday to little Peter! I can't believe he's three. He was a newborn last time I saw you. :) Hope you are having a lovely week.

Sarah said...

Hi Maria!! If he was a new born last time you saw him, then it is time you come visit=)

Maria said...

We are such homebodies! We need to make a trip west at some point since John's family is in KY and we haven't been there in, um, forever. But if we make it to your state I promise to get in touch. If you come to VA, do the same. :)